Just Bouquets

Just Bouquets, a local florist located in the heart of the suburbs, aims to help people build and preview custom bouquets. They offer a wide selection of flowers, vases, decorations, and bouquet templates, to make building a custom bouquet easier. Just Bouquets target working millennials who desire fresh bouquets without the wait for mail-order subscription services.

Challenge: People want to build and preview custom bouquets simultaneously.

Goal/Solution: Design an app for Just Bouquets that easily allows users to build, preview, and purchase custom bouquets.

User Research: While designing the Just Bouquets app, I learned that a good app puts the user's needs first. I also learned that drafts are necessary and numerous changes will take place before deciding on a final design.

Research & Ideation

I did an ideation exercise to develop ideas on addressing gaps identified in the competitive audit. I focused on simplifying the home-finding process and making information readily available for the user.

“The Just Bouquets app allows me to design a custom bouquet at a price just right for my budget. I’m able to have a fresh bouquet every week. I love it!” 

My role

For the Just Bouquets app, my role was to conduct interviews, complete usability studies, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, iterations, and accessibility studies.