safe stay

Safe Stay, providing safe and affordable housing to senior citizens, is a not-for-profit located in Florida. Safe Stay targets low-income and or retired senior citizens who desire safe and affordable housing without the hassle of applying for government or state-approved services. 

Challenge: Senior citizens with low income want to find affordable and safe housing but find it difficult to do so. 

Goal/Solution: Design an app that easily allows users to find, preview, and request housing packets. 

User Research: To understand the users that I am designing for, I conducted interviews, empathy maps, and competitive audit reports. A primary user group identified through research was low-income senior adults who desire safe and affordable housing.

Research also proves that costs and time were limiting factors when it came to finding and securing affordable housing. Other user problems included interests, choices, or challenges that make it difficult to locate and secure homes.

Research & Ideation

I did an ideation exercise to develop ideas on addressing gaps identified in the competitive audit. I focused on simplifying the home-finding process and making information readily available for the user.

“The relief of finding and affording housing in this day and age takes a lot of stress and worry off the table.” 

My role

As the head UX designer for Safe Stay, I was for designing the app from concept to completion. Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, iterating on designs, and accounting for accessibility were my responsibilities.